It is good to know
your roots.
This holds true
for life, and
for viticulture too.


In 1987, Hans Polczer took over the winery
from his mother Gisela. Now the family
business is managed by
Hans & his wife Regine.

With a total of 20 hectares,
the winery is now in its 3rd generation,
and one of the leading wine growing businesses
in Austria's smalles wine growing region 
the southern Burgenland.

Ecolgical winemaking, quality-oriented pruning,
low yield per hectare, timely thinning,
natural fermentation and storage in oak barrels
guarantee excellent quality red wines.


From 1952 - 1987 Gisela Wachter
was in charge of the winery.
After her wedding to Johann Polczer,
the winery has run under the name
Weingut Polczer.

The "Weinidylle Südurgenland" is the smallest
wine-growing region in Austria.

Two things are particularly important:
quality and uniqueness



The history of our winery in
Eisenberg dates back to 1912.

Johann Wachter founded the winery
with asmall nursery
and a small vineyard.

In 1952 he handed things over
to his daughter Gisela.


Eisenberg is right on the border
with its eastern neighbour Hungary.
With an elevation of 400m
it is  a horseshoe shaped
basin that opens up towards the south.


Very elegant and nuanced
shines the Blaufränkisch ruby red.
Delicate nunaces of spices, blackberries
with a hint of caramel.

Falstaff Red Wine Award: 90 Points


Sport and Wine - what connects them,
what do they both have in common?
Sport promotes good health
and releases happy hormones.
Red wine has a positive effect in moderate
consumption, thanks to its antioxidant Reservatrol. 
The Polczer Wines were served
at the the Olympic Games and proudly
epresented the southern Burgenland in 
London 2012, Sochi 2014, Rio 2016 & Pyeongchang 2018.

Falstaff Red Wine Award: 92 Punkte


The Cuvee Ferrum is only pressed
in special years and stored for 12 month 
in new and one year old oak barrels. 

The Cuvee reflects dark ruby garnet 
with purple reflections. Candied orange zests 
backed by ripe plums,
a hint of nougat and blackberries 
give a unique aroma.
Falstaff Red Wine Award: 91 Points


The character of the Merlot is full-bodied
and fruity. An elegant wine with dense fruit
and soft tannins, reminiscent of blueberries
plums and blackberries.
The grapes are fermented traditionally
and stored in new and used barriques for
a minimum of 12 month.




RED Wine Sample

The  Polczer RED Winde sample package consists of:

1 bottle Polczer Blaufränkisch Klassik 0,75 l
1 bottle Polczer Reihburg 0,75 l
1 bottle Polczer Ferrum 0,75l


Pinot Rosé

The Pinot Rosé surprises with
subtle aromas of herbs, pomegranate 
and red berries. Very round and 
spicy on the palate with mild 
acidity and slender body.



Grape Juice

Hand picked and sun ripened grapes
are used for this natural grape juice.
The grapes are gently pressed and
the juice pasteurized.
100% grapes and that's it!
A real treat for all ages!


Weingut Polczer
Gartengasse 20
7474 Eisenberg

Hans Polczer: +43 664 2020 548
Regine Polczer: +43 664 811 7586


Open daily by appointment.
Please contact us per Mail or 00436648117586

Our accomodation recommandation: 
Walters Weinquartier Weinlofts Kellerstöckl Meixner

Our restaurant recommandation:
Csencits / Weinek's Schenkhaus 




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